Become a Minnesota Volunteer Safety Instructor

Hunting season may only last a few months, but there's more to share about the outdoors.  The Minnesota DNR has an exciting program, facilitated by volunteer safety instructors, that will keep you involved all year long. You will have the opportunity to assist by teaching skills, safety, and ethics to both beginning and experienced outdoors men and women.  Programs supported by MVSIA include:

There are many benefits of being an instructor. The training will enhance your organizational skills, improve your teaching skills and make you a better speaker.  Nowadays most safety instructors team teach. The typical class involves two or more instructors who share the responsibilities of setting up and conducting classes. If you have a outdoors partner (or two!), coworker or another family member who can assist you, please invite them to consider applying as instructors, too! Your training will help you share your knowledge, skills, and concerns with others interested in enjoying and preserving hunting and outdoor activities.
If you thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and participate in the many aspects of outdoor recreation and hunting opportunities then consider becoming a certified safety instructor. For requirements and qualifications go to: